Perfect for Small and Medium Rooms
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Functions are intensively integrated from such devices as projector, touch screen TV set, collaborative whiteboard, camera, microphone, and loudspeaker. You can get started with a meeting as soon as the device boots at one key without making preliminary preparations that are typically cumbersome.
55-inch 4K touch screen
A 55-inch oversized screen is adopted to deliver 4K ultrahigh resolution, which makes even the tiniest details visible by broadening the color gamut and enriching the colors.
It supports 10-point touch control with a precision of ±3mm, giving you a smooth experience in touch control.
16-route microphone array
Pickup at a long distance of 10 meters, precise positioning at sound source, super-strong voice denoising
Smart whiteboard that enables free expression
Smart video conferencing, cross-platform multi-terminal support
Supporting Windows, OS X desktop systems, Android and iOS mobile device systems, supporting access via telephone and traditional H.323/SIP conferencing devices
Fast deployment, easy maintenance
Easy to install, start in one key, fast deployment, no need for local maintenance, maintained and upgraded at cloud side
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Application scenarios
This is the ZM_IWB
Omnipotent aid for meeting through collaboration on one machine
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