Mobile scenario oriented video conferencing software
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Fluent high-quality audio and video
Professional strategy for audio and video upgrading, automatically adjusting to optimal quality in accord to network condition while ensuring fluentness
Free video conference among one hundred people
Download and sign up to immediately start a free video conference among one hundred people. Access more colorful features by upgrading the version.
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Seamless connection between software and hardware
The Zhumu client-side has implemented integral connection with its cloud hardware products. The Zhumu client-side enables you to join in a conference supported by Zhumu hardware products and enjoy more optional products.
Efficient sharing and collaboration
Supporting shared desktop on the mobile phone and whiteboard collaboration among many people
Agenda as plain as daylight (to be launched soon)
Agenda will be synchronized across terminals, notified and reminded of, so that important meetings will not be missed.
Free call nationwide for no charge (to be launched soon)
The Zhumu client-side enables free answering to and dialing of nationwide calls, supporting two numbers in one card.
Cross-platform multi-terminal support
Supporting Windows, OS X desktop systems, Android and iOS mobile device systems, supporting access via telephone and traditional H.323/SIP conferencing devices
Application scenarios
This is the Zhumu client-side.
A new way of sharing, collaboration and video communication
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